Let's Be Honest: Pregnancy

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After having Ella, there are so many lies that people tell you while you are pregnant. You can't do this, you won't do that, etc. and I am here to put them all to rest.


1. "Take vacations now because you won't when baby comes." Ella has been to Seattle twice and to Maui, in the first 8 months of her life. You can choose to be those parents that allow your children to limit you, or you just bring them along and go with it.

2. "You will never sleep again." Ella started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. I know that all babies are different, but you will sleep again.

3. "Breastfeeding will help you lose all the baby weight." Fattest. Lie. Ever. Nobody considered body types. I have that body type that likes to hold onto weight to produce the milk. Lucky me. 

4. "You will never get to do anything." Maybe you won't do things that you got to do before, like stay out late, but you still do stuff.

5.  "Sleep when the baby sleeps." You won't. How would stuff get done around the house? You use that time to catch up on stuff!

6. "Use _____ or _____ and you won't get stretch marks." You either get them or you don't. It depends on your skins elasticity. If your mom got them, you will likely get them.

7. "It gets better." No, it doesn't get 'better' it just gets different. Every stage has their challenges.

8. "Nine months on, nine months off." Ummm Ella will be 9 months and I haven't lost all my weight. Thank you breastfeeding. 

Do you have any to add?

Let's Be Honest

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 Today is National Honesty Day!
 I thought I would write I blog post with a few honest things about me that you may not know. Eeeep! Here we go:

1. I love Jesus. I would not be where I am today without Him. He saved me.

2. I am an identical mirror image twin. Read more about it here. She is left-handed, I am right-handed, our personalities were completely opposite in high school. I think she is one of the most gorgeous women I know. I know you say, "umm she looks just like you," but I don't see it. I wish the feelings I had toward my sister are what I think about myself. I think it has to do with our bond as well. 

3. I am more an introvert than an extrovert. Owning a business challenges that!

4. We only want two kids.

5. My goal next year is to have my own studio.

6. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life.

7.  We didn't tell anyone Ellas name before she was born. 

8. Sometimes I cut people out of my life too quickly.  

9. I am always on the go. always. 

10. I have touched over 6,000,000 people with God's Word. 

11. I stay home with my daughter. I run my photography business as well as work for Hosanna up to 30 hours a week (from home).

12. Cabo San Lucas is my favorite vacation spot.

13. I don't have any family pictures hanging in my house. I am too picky!! But I am working on it! 

14. My husband and I cook dinner together every night.

15. When I need to relieve some stress, I bake and clean. 
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