Albuquerque Maternity Photographer | Aimee

Aimee  and I talked about her vision and what she wanted in a dress. She wanted white, tight and with some lace and well as floral headpieces for herself and her daughters. I was so happy to team up with my good friend, Lacie at Wistera Way Designs to create a dresss for this shoot. I have a hard time explaining my vision sometimes and she just gets it. I sent her about 5 dress ideas and said something like this from all of these (and they were all different). Bless her. She got it and created this gorgeous gown. Aimee looked stunning.

Aimee has two older daughters so I threw in the idea of them having floral crowns as well and she loved that idea. I worked with Stephanie Yardman Floral Design and she did a wonderful job on these!