Albuquerque Maternity Photographer | Bradshaw Maternity

It is always an honor when another photographer books me for their own photos. Nicole Bradshaw is a photographer based in Los Lunas, NM and is pregnant with her third boy! 

When I asked her where she would like her session, she gave me an address and said it was her grandma's house. She said that she had a lot of land with some cool structures on it. My comfort is shooting in the bosque, foothills or in the mountains. I know what's there and I know how things are going to turn out, but I said, "Alright! Let's do it." Nicole's grandma lives in the outskirts of Los Lunas, pretty far east. It definitely felt like I was in the country and it was so nice to get away from the city.

When I arrived, I knew it had to be a treasured place full of memories and love and indeed it was! It was the yard Nicole had so many memories playing in and gathering with her family. One of her favorite memories was the BBQs they used to have- especially in August. Her grandpa would go buy a gunny sack of green chile, and he'd roast it on their charcoal grill. Nicole, her mom and grandma, would then sit on the patio and peel it all while her grandpa started grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. they'd have a royal feast when it was all done! Chips and dip, fresh fruit and veggies, the burgers and dogs and chile- all while sitting around that patio table talking about life and days gone by. they'd often have friends over to share in the afternoons, which would add to the enjoyment. While they still have the BBQs, they still miss their grandfather even though he passed away almost seven years ago. Those BBQs will be some of the memories Nicole cherishes the most. Nicole's parents live across the street so Nicole grew up playing in this yard and now her sons get to play in the yard as well. Nicole knows this yard is not going to be there forever as her grandma is only getting older, so she chose this location for her maternity session.  

We toured the yard and stopped and shot at various locations and then hopped on the other side of trees that surrounded the main yard, to a field and used those cedar trees as the backdrop. We then went back in the yard and toured it again and shot at various locations as we wrapped up our session. I shot in a chicken coop, I stood on rolling barrels and cement blocks stacked on plywood, I balanced on a tire, and we both climbed on cars.

This was such a special session to her and to me. Photographs are meant to be treasured and when you chose a location that you treasure, it all comes together. I cannot wait for Nicole to have these photos.