Annie is ONE- Cake Smash Photographer

They say time goes fast when you have a baby. Try having two. This past year was the hardest, fastest and best year ever. My labor with Annie was quick, painful and tough. We say that a lot of it mimics her personality. She is a tough little one. Both to raise and physically. She is completely opposite of Ella. Most of our days are spent playing where Ella just looks at Annie and doesn't know what's really going on because Annie is all over the place and actually playing and teasing Ella when she is not even one yet. Ella is so reserved so she is becoming more outgoing because of Annie and it is so fun to see. They amaze me.

We knew Annie would be our last baby so I have savored every moment with her. She is wild but more cuddly than Ella was. Annie will still sleep in the Tula! Heck yeah! It makes my heart so happy because she always shows love physically. God knew what my heart needed with our last baby!

We had so much fun at the studio with the girls and Annie's cake smash. Ella LOVES sugar, so she wanted in on it too. :-)