Blooming Images- Branding

Some people have noticed the new watermark on my images and have asked why. I wanted to fill you all in on the purpose of why I switched. I am starting to re-brand my business. I sat back and thought about what my purpose of re-branding was, I said to myself "the others just aren't ME" I mean, they are to a point, but I wanted something that shouted me and something a bit more personal. If you have worked with me in the past and know what a newborn session looks and feels like, you know that we have a conversation for a couple of hours while I am posing your baby or babies. We talk about how your labor was, how you are adjusting, and everything else related to becoming a mom and sometimes more. You leave knowing who I am as a person and that I am just not some woman behind a camera, and I leave knowing that I met a friend and someone I can connect with.

So, to make things a little bit more personal, my watermark is my personal handwriting, writing my business name. This will eventually be incorporated into my new logo (Coming later this year) with the color palette that I chose, that also screams "ME!!" Yes, font and typed things can look neater than something handwritten, but for me and my business, I choose this. I choose to have my brand be something personal.


Thank you Julie at Julie Haider Photography+Design for helping me with re-branding! Blooming-Images-Albuqueruqe-Newborn-Photographer