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 Okay y'all. I should be working on something else but instead I decided to do a little behind the scenes. I used to do "transformation Tuesday" where I would show a before and after but I haven't done that in a long time.

I cannot stress enough how important newborn safety is! If you book a photographer who tries to does this without hands on your baby at all times, RUN (preferably to me. :-) )!! We knew this newborn would be perfect for this pose because she was less than a week old and was so calm during the session. My lovely assistant, Summer, helped me achieve this pose and how to make the full composite shot. I am so glad with the results! This is actually a canvas in my studio!

As you will see below. She is holding the head in one shot and then holding the arms in the other. I did not move a single inch, I tried to not even breathe. We then took the two best images and merged them and I edited it the entire shot. Normally the light would be coming from where Summer is but she had to block it in order to hold the baby (I think it was crowded on the other side), but I am still happy with the results! I hope you enjoy this little behind the scenes. :-)

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