That Awkward Mom

Albuquerque Newborn Photographer, Albuquerque Photographer, Maui
If you would have seen me while I was in Seattle or Maui, you would have probably laughed. I bet I looked awkward. Actually, I know I did. Trying to adjust to everything with a child and still try and be cool was hardly impossible. When my husband came, he came as a distraction while I tried to figure everything out! Here are a few things that I noticed:

Things I have learned about being a mom in Seattle (mostly year round, to a 7-8 month old):

1. Make sure you feed your child before you go anywhere! You never know what traffic you will get into.

2. Bundle your child up. You can always take layers off.

3. Why don't they have car seats with umbrellas?

4. If it is nice out, go outside!! Take advantage of the sun, you never know what the next day is going to be like.

5. You will drink more coffee and not even realize it.

6. You will do more activities inside than outside.

7. Good traction shoes are a must! The ground gets so slick when wet!

8. You have to watch out for the measles outbreaks.

Things I have learned about being a mom in Maui (to an 8 month old):

1. Don't try and put sunscreen on your child at the beach while it is windy.

2. Watch your child and make sure they don't eat a handful of sand.

3. Sunhats are a must.

3. If your child loves the car, go tour Maui. If they REALLY love the car, go to Hana.

4.  Most stores in Lahaina are not stroller friendly.

5. Your child will always be sticky due to humidity.

6. Be careful while driving! 8 fatalities in 10 days (we were there 7 of the 10 days).

7. The Grand Wailea is where all the rich moms hang out, but for all the other low and middle class moms, you can buy a day pass to their pool area which includes  about 10 pools, lazy river and water slides. It is about $500 a night with a min. stay of 5 nights. Probably worth it, but my stay was free! :-)

8. Your child will adjust their bedtime fast!

9. When you get shaved ice, ask for a small cup of just shaved ice (no flavorings), to give your child while you are eating yours.

10. It is possible for your teenager to fly from California to Maui in the landing gear and survive.

Going to these places has been so interesting in the mom world! I would have never noticed a huge difference in either of these places if I had not been a mom.

Glad to be back in ABQ. Now, to try and adjust Ella from humidity to none at all. As well as Sea level to 6,700 feet!