Our proposal that was not caught on camera

Yikes! Our proposal was not caught on camera. I blame my sister. :-) Here is our story:

My boyfriend (now husband, Barton) was touring Italy with his brother for part of the summer and then going to live in Albuquerque with his dad and step mom for the rest of it. I was living with my twin sister in Phoenix for the summer (kind of a bad idea, pretty sure I literally melted). Anyway, before summer came, we went and tried on rings and picked one out, but I didn't know he actually bought it in June!

Fast forward to mid July when Barton was going to Albuquerque from Italy. He needed to have the ring sent to him since he ordered it in Seattle. Well, they sent him the wrong ring! He sent it back to the company and they sent the right one. After he got it, he booked a flight to Phoenix (which I didn't know about). He told me he was going to go boating and camping a couple hours away from Albuquerque and he wouldn't have service (this was Friday) so he wouldn't be able to call or chat with me until he got home on Sunday. I didn't think anything of it and just went about my weekend.

On the other side- I looked in his e-mail because I suspected something and saw that he was flying in the Tuesday after his camping trip! I told my sister and she told Barton! Oops...

I got a job shortly after I arrived in Phoenix at Johnny Rockets, (I loved that job by the way, dancing and all). So Sunday rolls around and I haven't talked to Barton since Friday. My boss at Johnny Rockets was having a pool party at her house after work so I went, duh. Brittany picked me up because she wanted to dress up and go out to dinner together, which we did a lot. After she picked me up, we went to the gas station for gas, and I changed really fast, did some make up and called Barton and left a message telling him how much I loved and missed him. It was Sunday night so I thought he would have called me by then!

Brittany worked at a dermatologist office at the time and was the employee that lived the closest. Behind the office was a big pond surrounded with palm trees. The community often held events there. Since Brittany was the closest employee and there was an event there, they needed her to go and make sure the area was clean, basically, "please go and pick up trash before clients come tomorrow." So, we just made a little pit stop on the way to dinner. There was a fire truck in the parking lot and people around, so I didn't think anything of it.

I got out of the car and made my way around the building picking up trash. Brittany was kind of laughing and I encouraged her to start picking up trash. I turn the corner and saw candles all up the stairs that leads up to this area of grass and palm trees. I turned to Brittany and said, "was it a memorial service?" and she was laughing. I saw someone pacing at the top of the stairs and I got really scared. I then said, "there are still people here!" but she just kept walking toward the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs she took the trash out of my hand and said, "go" I gave Brittany a look because I still didn't know what was going on or who the man at the top of the stairs was! Brittany went and hid. I didn't notice it was Barton until I got to the top of the stairs!! Bless his heart, he was in a suit in the middle of the summer in phoenix! It was night time and dark, but still, it was about 90 degrees! At the top of the stairs he was holding a Chanel purse (he was gone for my birthday, July 3rd). When I got to the top of the stairs he gave me the purse. Inside the purse was a single rose and a book "1000 Best Wedding Bargains." If you didn't know, crafting is my hobby and I try to find the best deals on everything.

I was so shocked that he was even there because I planned on him coming on Tuesday!

After that, he got down on one knee and said, "I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Will You Marry Me?" of course I said YES! Brittany and our friend in phoenix, Brian came out from around the corner (Brian lent him the suit and helped him set everything up, thanks Brian!).

I thought we were all going to go to dinner after that. Turns out, Barton had made reservations at Claim Jumper for just us and he told me he was staying the whole week!

The spot:

proposal photos

 Photo credit: Google maps.

So where was the camera?? Brittany put it in my purse instead of hers!! It was a miracle that I didn't find it when I was getting  my dress, heels and make up out of there! I totally would have known what was going on.

I do wish it was caught on camera to show our kids someday. It is a part of every love story and should be captured.

I do have a good memory of it and will always remember July 29th, 2008.

Love you Barton Bloomquist!

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