Happy 2014!

Happy 2014 Everyone!
I am so excited to start blogging again. My goal is to blog every session that I do and to keep this blog updated. I have bookmarked this page so I don't get behind! This blog will be *mostly* about photography. I am a new mom, so you will also probably hear stories about my little one and my family life.
Truth is, I don't know ANYTHING about blogging, so bear with  me! Notice I don't have a background and it is so plain! Maybe that will change in the near future. 
Anyway, I have lots of changes coming to Blooming Images this year and I am very excited!
A Few New Things:
More Product Sales!
These last two years I have had so many people receive their disc of images and do nothing with them! What is the point of that? Having your photos taken should be an experience and should be displayed on your wall in whatever style best fits you. 
In-Person Sales!
I am excited to start doing in-person sales. I will actually come to your house and help put together a collage of canvases or framed prints on your wall! You can also come to my studio and look at all of our products, whichever is easiest for you!
Limiting My Number Of Clients:
Seems crazy, right? But, I would love to spend more time on a session and be able to help families figure out how to display their images. Last year I did over 50 sessions. I have limited that number to 15! 
I have changed my business model. A standard portrait package includes a small sitting fee and 3 digital images. There will be a  minimum amount in products you have to spend in order to receive a disc of images  (up to 30 images).
Those are a few changes Blooming Images will have this year! I am most excited about giving my clients VIP treatment. :-)