Ella's Six Month Outtakes!

Almost every time I photograph a session, a mother or father always apologizes for their kid not behaving or not smiling or not looking at the camera. I always reply, "no, it is totally normal They are doing great." Sometimes I think that the parents don't believe me!

My daughter, Ella, will be SIX months on Feb. 4th. WHERE has the time gone? Anyway, I have been working on getting her pictures done since I have a newborn in the studio this week and with Superbowl at our house, I need to get them finished!

 I did one pose for her newborn session that I also did for her six month and I will do for her one year pictures. This is the picture I was trying to achieve:

Albuquerque Newbon PhotographerAnd this is us trying to achieve it. 
Albuquerque Newbon Photographer        
Albuquerque Newbon Photographer  

Baby Photographer
six month pictures

 And my husband trying to get her gas out, if she had any.

Newborn Pictures
We did get some precious ones and one with the pose I was wanting, but I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed looking at these outtakes. Know that it is completely normal!! Happy Wednesday everyone!