(That is us three girls in a nutshell)
I love my sisters, maybe way too much! I don't know what I would do without them.
We all three talk all day everyday
When we are all three together, we are in our own little world (My husband found that out really quick).
Brittany's (my twin- blonde hair) husband is in the Air Force and they have a little girl (Avery). In December he will be going to Korea for a year (Brittany and Avery can't go, but will be moving in with his family in OK). After that, all three of them will be heading to Japan for three years!
It worked out that we would all be together for Labor Day. My husband and I drove over to Phoenix (where Brittany, Mark and Avery live) and my older sister (Kayla) flew down from Seattle (where we are orginally from). So why wouldn't we do a photoshoot since we don't know when we will all three be together again is?
Since us three girls are best friends, Brittany having a baby was so exciting for us (could be that my grandparents on either side didnt have any girls so I don't have an Aunt other than married in). I came up with the idea of having a photoshoot and then some Auntie pictures! We love Avery maybe way too much. :-)
Anyway, I composed these images and my hubby took them! He did such a great job! This was around 11am and around 100 degrees!